What we do

What we do

The System Company provides ISO Management System Auditing and Consulting Services in Bunbury and throughout the South West.

ISO Certification gives you “the edge” over your competition and can make your business a more attractive option to clients. Some of the benefits of an effective ISO Certified Management System to an organisation include:

  • More efficient use of resources and improved overall performance
  • Improvement of customer satisfaction
  • Better process integration
  • Improvement of decision-making
  • Creation of continual improvement culture
  • Improved risk management
  • Protection of people and the environment

Ever been in a position where you do not meet prequalification and tender requirements, as you do not have the necessary policies and procedures in place?

ISO certification can help. And we can help.

How we do it…

We work directly with you through the entire certification process, step-by-step, following a Management System Project Plan which is customised according to your requirements.

We set up your Management System against ISO standards, adopting a “process approach and risk-based thinking” format.

We conduct Internal Audits, helping your company find “gaps”, which will naturally create opportunities to improve processes within the business, thereby improving the business itself.

Sounds expensive?

Our rates are very affordable, and we do not have a “one price suits all” attitude. We understand financial constraints experienced by small businesses (as we’re one too), and we will work with you as best we can, taking into account your financial position. Some businesses requirements are more than others, and we take this into account when providing our pricing.

We encourage the business that, where possible, to use existing resources within the business to keep costs of the ISO certification process as low as possible.

We also keep abreast of the various Government funding opportunities which often come up, to assist small businesses with financing of business improvement strategies such as ISO Certification.

Why Us?

As employees for most of our careers, we understand the “practical” side of business. Whether auditing, or establishing, processes, policies and procedures, we take into consideration what actually happens in business. Find out more about us